Cup of Rollersport Federation
Cup of Rollersport Federation and the Stage of IFSA Cup 2007.

Moscow - the heart of Russia, city with ancient cultural and historical traditions proud to host the Stage of IFSA Cup, IFSA Championship, and Cup of Rollersport Federation, which will be held on SC "Lujniki" 28-29 July 2007.

Rollersport Federation runs such competitions in Moscow in the third time. IFSA noted previous competitions held by Russian Rollersport Federation as perfectly organized and  passed very successfully. Which leads to a major contribution to development of freestyle not only in Russia, but also in the whole world.

We do our the best to make a real Rollersport Holiday. All the sportsmans will get their chance to compete for the top places in ranking, while every visitor will join the action on 100%.

Participation in competitions - no admission fee.
For spectators - open to the public.


It is necessary to register yourself at the participation.

If you need help in accommodation.

For all details ask here

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